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Since 1986, we have offered top-tier, full-stack development services — providing custom software solutions for every business need under the sun.

Why development?

Software as a Service, or SaaS, while convenient in the short term, has the unintended consequence of companies losing control of their data and the ability to analyze it across functional areas and SaaS platforms.

With almost four decades of experience, we have seen trends come and go, but building bridges to connect your SaaS platforms consistently renders results. 

We’ve successfully built 400+ data bridges, connecting mismatched software systems using data migration and data integration, giving our clients the ability to bridge communication between business silos to increase visibility among company operations.

So, give us your data, in whatever form it’s in, and we’ll design a custom and cohesive model enabling you to scale your business — efficiently.


We are a .NET full-stack developer

We provide custom software solutions that enable businesses to configure, operate and scale operations. We can either fill the gap on your current team, be your complete outsourced partner, or fulfill functions preventing your team from realizing its full potential.

Our software development services include:

Full-stack software development. We are an end-to-end software development team that caters all of your needs. Whether it’s website to web applications/SaaS portals, mobile apps, bridges between systems, storage solutions using databases or blockchain, we have you covered.

Mobile app development. We have extensive experience in designing mobile apps with native app development platforms, ie. XCode and Android Studio/Java and Hybrid — Flutter, React Native.

Data ingestion and migration services including knowledge process outsourcing and back office work.

Data bridges. We have mastered integration between systems using techniques including XML/REST-based APIs/Microservices, or specific data bridges to interface with binary data.

Systems design and architecture assessments. We help our customers assess their existing systems based on different aspects of software standards and provide recommendations on future roadmaps.

Our tried and true processes and practices

  1. Waterfall (SDLC)/Agile/Hybrid: We generally use Agile methodologies for software development, however, when requirements are clear and time-sensitive, we use Waterfall/SDLC. In some scenarios, we use both in tandem.
  2. Microservice architecture development: All of our solutions are developed using microservice architecture for better scalability, faster deployment (using CI/CD pipelines), and higher performance.
  3. Database design: We have experience with transactional and warehouse databases sizing to tera-bytes, following design standards for efficient data analysis and reporting and to avoid ambiguity.
  4. Full custom coding: Whether it’s from scratch or based on specific client requirements, our breadth of technology capabilities enable fully customized designs.
  5. Seamless data integration among existing systems: From our experience building 400+ data bridges, we have found the most efficient third party tools to execute data integration such as: Payment Gateways, EHR and Insurance Clearance house portals, DREXI, CRM portals such as Salesforce, Intuit/QuickBooks, and many more!
  6. Automation to increase efficiency: Automated workflows are the key to efficiency. Our custom solutions include: reminders, monitoring services, bulk import/export, automatic data validations and more.
  7. Software management: Using code repositories, proper branching and version tagging, and CI/CD pipeline integrations, we guarantee the highest in software quality. 
  8. Quality assurance and testing deliverables: Using project management tools like JIRA, our dedicated QA team writes test plans, tests cases, executes test plans with automation scripts and manually ensures stable releases to prioritize the quality of the software systems we develop.
  9. DevOps CI/CD: Our DevOps engineers consistently look for ways to improve automation for contentious builds and deployments. We implement CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins and Azure DevOps to deploy updates and reduce downtime.
  10. Project management: We offer end-to-end project management with a dedicated project manager/Agile team product owner to continuously understand client requirements, deliverable planning, timelines and value addition.

We implement a wide variety of technology capabilities.

  1. Microsoft technologies: We are a Microsoft development house, with skills in .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET microservices and SQL Server as database options.
  2. Angular and ReactJS Frontends: While we develop the backend in Microsoft, we also excel in developing the front-end client apps in Angular and ReactJS.
  3. Non-Microsoft technologies: In addition, we offer an alternative to the Microsoft platform, for development in Node.js (with related frameworks) and PHP-based application development.
  4. Mobile development: We have mastered mobile development in native language stacks (XCode / Android Studio) and hybrid/common platform developments like React Native and Flutter.
  5. Databases/data warehouse: We use SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle in our solutions to cater to our client’s data storage needs.
  6. Data analytics and science: In addition to our in-house Business Operating System (BOS – end-to-end customizable platform), we also offer PowerBI for efficient dashboarding and data analysis, along with Python and other languages for data science and modeling needs.
  7. APIs/Integrations: We provide solutions for integration and data flow needs using REST APIs, XML, Streaming APIs and more.

What makes us different

  • Our offshore development team is 100% owned and operated by Sona Data Systems, an Arizona LLC with continuous operations in the Valley since 1986.
  • All of our work is “work for hire,” ensuring our clients have their code, IP and work product, whether it’s under a retainer or project model.
  • Our dedicated development model ensures developers work directly with clients exclusively to ensure institutional knowledge and continuity of support across Sona Data Systems.
  • Whether a client wishes to outsource all development or have our resources augment and support internal development resources, we adapt to the client’s current and future needs and fill the gap between what they have and what they need to accomplish their business objectives.
  • We work as a strategic partner focused on increasing our clients’ revenues, profits and operational capabilities.

Development in action

Our company suffered from a claims backlog of $8.4 million. Our data ingestion team cleared out backlog in two months and reduced our payroll from $525K per year to $60K per year.

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We find the gaps in your operation so you can scale.