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Distributed staffing

Distributing your staffing load across various Sona Data Systems resources will enable your company to focus on what you do best: maximizing productivity.

At a third of the cost, we manage repetitive and monotonous tasks efficiently, accurately and systematically, so your staff doesn't have to.

At Sona Data Systems, we are acutely aware of the challenges business owners face today in hiring entry level or skilled workers who are consistent and detail-oriented on tasks that are often repetitious, thankless and challenging.

Why Distributed Staffing?

In-house staff often juggles multiple and varying tasks which can be overwhelming. This environment negatively impacts data quality, productivity, time efficiency, employee satisfaction and overall morale. And it leaves little to no room for system and strategy implementation, hindering business growth.

Hiring today is challenging.

After mastering the task, employees often move on to more customer-facing roles or roles with growth opportunities, leaving a gap in a business’s ability to deliver consistent quality and accuracy in complicated workflows.

This negatively impacts your bottomline.

Scaling often requires settling for unqualified employees who earn above market salaries and benefits. In time, this will have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, staff productivity and data quality, resulting in higher costs and limiting your potential for growth.

Distributed Staffing fills staffing gaps.

Your dedicated Sona Data Systems staff works consistently and around the clock in collaboration with you and your team to seamlessly fill the gaps and create systems to boost workflow, so there isn’t a lapse in task completion.

Distributed Staffing offers cost-effective, hybrid staffing solutions for businesses looking to scale quickly and efficiently.

Our Distributed Staffing services fulfill all of your repetitive, precision-intensive and data-driven tasks, so your staff can solely focus on customer engagement.

With Sona Data Systems’ Distributed Staffing solutions, expect nothing less than quality, consistency and throughput on every task and project.

There are no limitations to what our services can deliver

At a third of the cost, we manage the following tasks efficiently and accurately, so your staff doesn’t have to:

➭ Government form preparation
Medical and dental billing
➭ Application completion for grants
➭ Real estate filings
➭ Audit report completion for home inspections
➭ Third Party Administration (TPA) back office
➭ IT services
…and much more!

These processes involve a well-defined workflow, attention to detail and accuracy to maintain efficiency across your operations. We are aware that there is no room for error.

How it works

1) Determine business and staffing needs.

2) Outline cost based on needs and requirements.

3) A startup fee initiates hiring, training and onboarding your dedicated staff.

4) Develop a standardized approach with dedicated staff to complete each task efficiently.

5) Weekly calls to assess processes and areas of improvement.

6) Become fully operational after 1-2 months.

Phased Approach


Our distributed staffing experts collaborate with your leadership and staff to identify backlogs and opportunities for growth by:

  • Configuring workflow from SOP and checklist
  • Managing exceptions
  • Configuring platforms: Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.


We identify your company’s labor-intensive tasks and rework them into efficient workflows.

Workflow platform:
  • Improve workflow
  • Automate exception handling
  • Data reporting

Provider Integrations:
  • AppFolio
  • Industry specific cloud services


We integrate and automate your workflows, creating an efficient and productive distributed staffing system.

Process management:
  • Alerting and fault response
  • BPO and exception handling

MDM Platform:
  • Bridge NOC
  • PMP platform
  • Integrated data and analytics

The catalyst for launching our Distributed Staffing solutions is twofold:

To fill a workforce gap. Currently, in the U.S., companies are struggling to hire a workforce able and willing to complete repetitive and monotonous tasks, such as data entry, with integrity and precision — also called a back office. If quality employees are hired, they move on as soon as they are trained to less mundane jobs.

Offer reliable, quality staffing services. Available entry level workforce lacks data entry, data quality and data accuracy experience and skillsets and is not able to monotonously use the mundane processes to deliver quality data sets.

What makes us different from other staffing agencies?

We pride ourselves on 2,000+ completed tasks per month — this is 2x the tasks completed at an average U.S. company and 3x the tasks completed by other offshoring staffing services per month.

Because we also offer development services, we implement custom software solutions for continuous improvement.

We provide you with all of our institutional data, offering transparency throughout project completion.

We have a higher throughput at a lower price than the U.S. equivalent.

We are conscious of sensitive data and implement measures to maintain data integrity.

We provide dedicated resources that work exclusively for you.

Distributed staffing in action

Our healthcare company was struggling to introduce technology to automate many of our processes and we had major issues with manual data entry work. It was hard to find hire-for- quality work in the United States locally, and it was also very expensive. After exhausting all of our options, which we could barely afford at the time, we reached out to Sona Data Systems to see if they could find us two employee resources to fulfill our data entry tasks. Initially, our idea was that we could have one employee doing data entry work and the second employee to check that work for accuracy. Being in the healthcare industry, it is critical that our data be accurate because it could impact a member’s health plan, what benefits they were eligible for, and which of their healthcare claims were to be paid. This is especially sensitive when it is regarding a high dollar hospital or emergency room claim. We quickly learned that the second employee, who was checking for quality, was not needed because the data was being entered accurately by the first resource. Not to mention, these resources were so cost effective — about 1/3 the cost of hiring in the U.S. We quickly identified more workflows that our SDS resources could assist with. We ended up growing our SDS resources to a full team of 13 employees that handle a wide range of workflows. It’s been 3+ years since we partnered with our dedicated SDS team, and we are consistently impressed by their level of efficiency and productivity. I don’t know how else we would have grown our business had it not been for this SDS team.

John Love Director of strategic projects, Redirect Health

Sona Data Systems redesigned and updated my company’s software system. Our software system was 10 years old and needed design and security updates as well as improved functionality. SDS provided a clear proposal outlining the work included for the price quoted. Once engaged for the work, SDS provided outlines for each phase of the work, and we communicated using an interactive document that tracked all recommendations, questions, and changes. SDS’s process for developing software is transparent. The end result is we have a new software system with a contemporary design and high security. I highly value SDS’s work, and I recommend them.

Elizabeth Paquette Owner, Sonoran Property Management

We find the gaps in your operation so you can scale.