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What our clients are saying

Sona Data Systems redesigned and updated my company’s software system. Our software system was 10 years old and needed design and security updates as well as improved functionality. SDS provided a clear proposal outlining the work included for the price quoted. Once engaged for the work, SDS provided outlines for each phase of the work, and we communicated using an interactive document that tracked all recommendations, questions, and changes. SDS’s process for developing software is transparent. The end result is we have a new software system with a contemporary design and high security. I highly value SDS’s work, and I recommend them.

Sonoran Property Management Elizabeth Paquette

I just wanted to say big “THANK YOU” to all the developers at SONA DATA systems for bringing to life our “Insomniac Live” project. Not only did the project turn out better than expected, but also got delivered in a timely manner. Their customer friendly team was quick to act whenever a problem arose and tackled issues with urgency. Their communication was excellent and we felt like we were in best of hands.

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Davin K. Dameron, Chief Technology Officer

I just wanted to say thanks to all of the programmers on this project. I have had a lot of experience in hiring developers and I feel that you guys are one of the best in the business. Keep up the good work!

OpenTech Alliance, Inc Robert A. Chiti, President & CEO

Working with Sona Data System has been awesome! They have a great turn around time on all the projects we send their way at a very fair price. They have always been very responsive in emergency situations as well. So glad we started working with them over 4 years ago.

3rive Jayce Tilley, Co-Founder

Many thanks and encouragement to all developers at SONA DATA ! Your talent and hard work is really appreciated. Through our joint efforts we have been able bring to market industry’s only call center software application designed specifically for the self storage industry.

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Cynthia

Just wanted to let you know that the new estimating system is working really well. I also want to let you know what a great job Sonal has been doing! Every issue we have had has been addressed and taken care of in 24 hours or less. So far this has been a smooth transition.

Pavement Marking Inc Bobbi, Controller

Sona Data Systems has provided Naya Energy with scalable, dependable, innovative dedicated software development resources that deliver on-time. From the first day, the SDS team integrated seamlessly with our development team and took on all the work that was being ignored with the singular focus on delivering customer value and helping us realize our revenue objectives. I highly recommend them as one of the top 3 development teams I have worked with in the past 30 years.

Naya Energy Ketan Patel, CEO

Sona Data Systems is Pivot Cycles' trusted partner for technology strategy. They bring an exceptional degree of integrity to pure web development work and maintain the high standards for both work product and process that are consistent with our brand values. I feel fortunate to work with Sona's team on our near and long-term development goals.

Pivot Cycles Elorie Slater, Marketing Manager

I came to Sona Data Systems as I transitioned from a well-established, co-owned business to starting a brand-new venture on my own. All I had was a business name and an idea. From there, SDS developed a brand, a website and began creating a digital reputation for my business. Within weeks of my web launch and SEO strategy development, my new business outranked my old company and well-known competitors in Google searches. And thanks to backlinks created by the team, traffic is steadily increasing to my website.

Entity Refrigeration Carlos Ybarra, Owner

Our healthcare company was struggling to introduce technology to automate many of our processes and we had major issues with manual data entry work. It was hard to find hire-for- quality work in the United States locally, and it was also very expensive. After exhausting all of our options, which we could barely afford at the time, we reached out to Sona Data Systems to see if they could find us two employee resources to fulfill our data entry tasks. Initially, our idea was that we could have one employee doing data entry work and the second employee to check that work for accuracy. Being in the healthcare industry, it is critical that our data be accurate because it could impact a member’s health plan, what benefits they were eligible for, and which of their healthcare claims were to be paid. This is especially sensitive when it is regarding a high dollar hospital or emergency room claim. We quickly learned that the second employee, who was checking for quality, was not needed because the data was being entered accurately by the first resource. Not to mention, these resources were so cost effective — about 1/3 the cost of hiring in the U.S. We quickly identified more workflows that our SDS resources could assist with. We ended up growing our SDS resources to a full team of 13 employees that handle a wide range of workflows. It’s been 3+ years since we partnered with our dedicated SDS team, and we are consistently impressed by their level of efficiency and productivity. I don’t know how else we would have grown our business had it not been for this SDS team.

Redirect Health John Love, Director of strategic projects