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Using a data-driven approach, our staffing, digital marketing, software development, and data science and analytics solutions have helped 500+ businesses successfully scale. Join our growing list of satisfied clients today.

Our custom solutions bridge the gap between your data and operations, enabling your enterprise to scale revenue. profits. productivity.

Here's our approach

We help scale your business using four proven strategies. Used in tandem or independently, we strive for results.



Gain visibility in an oversaturated online marketplace using digital marketing strategies and search engine optimization to acquire leads and directly impact your bottom line.



At a third of the cost, our Distributed Staffing services fulfill all of your repetitive, precision-intensive and data-driven tasks, so your staff can solely focus on customer engagement.



Our top-tier, full-stack and custom software development services enable businesses to configure, operate and scale operations, no matter the industry.



As engineers, we have been developing data-driven solutions for almost four decades and understand how to access a business’s key data to provide analytic and operational insights to empower business operators.

Our services

Search engine optimization (SEO)

With the goal of gaining visibility organically among your target audience, our SEO services are data-driven, tech-forward and all-encompassing including keyword analysis, on- and off-page optimization, longtail strategy, optimized content development and more with the end goal of converting prospects to clients.

Staffing solutions

Our dedicated teams fulfill and expand your existing business operations by accelerating automation to boost productivity. This hybrid staffing model offers a proven method for businesses looking to scale quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing your business’s workloads to Sona Data Systems will enable your company to accelerate automation and focus less on staffing concerns and more on what you do best: maximizing productivity.

Pay Per Click paid advertising (PPC)

Our PPC strategy aims for a tangible return on investment, so you see results, fast. Whether you want to promote your business as a whole or spotlight promotions, we design customized PPC ad campaigns that convert clicks to paying customers.

Website development

The web is oversaturated with websites, so how can your website stand out among the rest? Our WordPress-enabled custom websites are content-focused, high-performing and serve as the foundation to your growing business. We also specialize in ecommerce capabilities, so you can turn your leads into paying customers with the click of a mouse.

Branding and design

Distinguishing your business’s identity in an oversaturated market can be a challenge, which is why we offer branding and design services. From logo design to color palette development, our team specializes in giving your brand a personality that makes an impression.

Software development

Launching as a software company nearly four decades ago, we believe that software solutions are the key to systematically and efficiently conducting business, especially in today’s high-tech environment. We specialize in designing, redesigning, advancing and connecting your software systems to keep your business running efficiently and using the latest technology.

Data Science and Data Analytics

We meet our clients where they are with their data. At Sona Data Systems, we focus on creating impactful insights quickly — usually in less than a quarter — using your existing data with the goal of accurately reporting on business operations in a timely manner.

It's been 3+ years since we partnered with our dedicated Sona Data Systems team, and we are consistently impressed by their level of efficiency and productivity. I don't know how else we would have grown our business had it not been for this team.
John Love, Redirect Health
Director of strategic projects

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